Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our first blog post EVER

Hi everyone. Just getting started with this, but we think it will be a fun way for family and friends to check in on our wildest adventures.

"The boys" here on out will be a reference to our older two boys, Braden and Rylan, and heretofore "baby" will mean our now 3-month-old, Ashton. Should there be an occasion where "the boys" are not together, we will refer to them by name. ;o)

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  1. Hi there!! Welcome to the world of blogging!! I just started last fall as a way to cope with the yuckiness in my life but that got too boring and depressing so now I just write about the kids and every day stuff. So much more fun!! Plus it's a great way to "remember" all of the little things. My site is: